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Experiment content we liked in 2023

Experimentation is a key tool for how companies build successful products, user experiences, and businesses. It’s also a topic that is dear to our hearts here at Signific, and something we’ve helped both small and large companies with over the years.

There have never been better conditions for experimenting in many ways, but it’s also an area that is constantly evolving. Here are some of our favorite content pieces that we came across in 2023. Articles, talks and guides we’ve read and discussed internally that hopefully helps you along the experimentation journey. We’ve also gathered our own content around experimentation. Enjoy!

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Intro to experimentation

New to experimentation? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. This is one article and one webinar we believe give a good introduction.

Running experimentation teams / programs

Through out the last years we’ve helped several companies start and scale experimentation within teams and whole organisations. One key take away that it is as much a cultural and organizational challenge as it is technical and statistical. Here we gathered some of our favorite talks and articles together with some shameless plugs of our own content.



Signific content on this topic

Tech and statistics to enable experimentation

Sure, doing a few experiments is where you have to start, but to really get the flywheel going common barriers are often caused by technical and statistical aspects. This is something we’ve experienced first hand from companies like SVT, Spotify, Polestar and many more. Here you have talks and articles we have read, shared and discussed during our knowledge sharing sessions and in our internal slack through out last year.


Articles / Posts

Signific content on this topic

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