Webinar: Cold starting experimentation at Polestar

We will talk about:

  • Starting an experiment program in a digital+physical customer journey
  • Applying CRO methodologies to Customer Experience and Insights work
  • Scaling on tight resources

Who should listen in?

  • Product people who want to get started with A/B testing
  • Insights people who want inspiration on how to fit experimentation into the insights toolbox
  • CRO-specialists who want hands-on tips on how they could broaden their A/B testing repertoire

We all know that we “should” A/B test and validate the products and user experiences we design. Something that is often easier said than done.

From the start-up world to digital giants, we hear how anything from bold new business ideas to the smallest technical details can be validated and optimized in well-oiled A/B test machineries.

However, most of us find ourselves in a context that is far different from these ideal cases, and we might struggle to get started or scale beyond the first couple of pilot runs, let alone reach a point were experimentation is a natural part of the insight and development toolbox.

In this webinar we will share our experiences from one such journey: starting and scaling an experiment program for the electric vehicle brand Polestar.