Webinar: Democratizing metrics with Steep


  • Webinar with Valdemar Finta from Signific and Johan Baltzar from Steep
  • For Data and Analytics Engineers and leaders looking to better ways of setting up their analytics


  • 00:00 Intro & agenda
  • 05:13 Dashboard first approach
  • 09:00 Metric first approach
  • 18:30 Demo!
  • 29:06 Q&A

Should everything be answered by a dashboard?

Democratizing data and increase self service within organisations has and probably always will be a top priority for data teams.

In order to do so, many started by looking for the perfect BI tool first.

Some magic tool that could both handle all your messy data in the same place where you visualize it. A tool that, with some tweaking, would let business users set up dashboards with all your juicy data.

While this led to countless dashboards being produced, many companies still find themselves pretty much where they started. Data is still considered complex to understand, unreliable and hard to access. And data team gets even more swamped trying to answer ad hoc dashboard requests.

Metrics first instead with Steep

We work with many clients that are looking into ways to become more data driven, but wants to avoid falling down the mentioned path of dashboard first, self service second.

During our work with one of our clients we found out about Steep and their fresh outlook on how BI and Analytics could work better together. Though dashboards will always play a part, we took a data and specifically metrics first approach to get there. We share the same view as Steep, that if we boil it down, metrics are what we need to understand our users and business quantitatively and make smarter decisions. Dashboards is one way of displaying metrics, but not the only place where they are used. So instead of starting with the dashboards we started with metrics.

During this webinar we’ll share our learnings moving from a dashboard first approach to thinking metrics and utilizing Steep to democratize data and insights

A hands on case hopefully inspiring how your data team or organisation can make more impact.