Webinar: Semantic layer – The missing piece in analytics (with dbt Labs)


  • Webinar with Max Krog from Signific and Ernesto Ongaro from dbt Labs
  • For Data & Analytics engineers and leaders looking to take the next step with their data


  • 00:00 Intro & agenda
  • 03:31 What do we want analytics to do for our company?
  • 14:42 Problems with how we work with analytics today
  • 17:37 The Semantic Layer
  • 23:42 Demo!
  • 36:17 Summary + Q&A

There is a missing piece in most data stacks

We have spent the last years building up data stacks to help companies make smarter decisions and build better products. Much has changed in terms of approaches, tooling and ways of working within data and analytics.

When we started Signific, dbt labs where just getting started and has since then defined both the field of Analytics engineering and the way many companies work with data.

While many aspects have improved in order to democratize data within organisations, we feel like there is still work to do.

We strongly believe in one solution that has gained significant popularity in recent years: the Semantic Layer.

In this webinar Max Krog from Signific, along with Ernesto Ongaro (Team Lead, Solution Architecture) from dbt Labs, will present their perspective on how the Semantic Layer addresses many common data challenges