World Product Day at Signific: ChatGTP and LLMs – One year later

Hello Product Managers of Stockholm!

Join us on World Product Day at Significs office for the next Product Tank Stockholm meetup where we delve into the world of ChatGPTs and LLMs. It’s been over a year since their first introduction, and we’ve invited three industry experts to share their insights, experiences, and the innovative ways they’ve incorporated these technologies into their products.


1. Anna Rivetti & Echo Zhao from Klarna
Title: ”Incorporating ChatGPT into Klarna’s Product Ecosystem”
Anna & Echo will share Klarna’s journey of integrating LLMs and OpenAI throughout their products. Learn about the challenges, successes, and the impact it has made on their user experience.
2. Anton Osika – Co-founder GPTEngineer (ex Sana and
Anton will discuss the transformative potential of Large Language Model agents in software development, spotlighting a case where these agents enable building full-stack applications without a human engineer’s need and the future impact of building products.
3. Sourabh Pateriya – Co-founder Soundverse AI (ex-Spotify, ex-Tobii, ex-Samsung)
Sourabh, an experienced product manager and a passionate musician, will be sharing his journey of creating a GenAI music startup. As a special treat, he’ll also showcase some astonishing demonstrations of their innovative product – something you certainly won’t want to miss.

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World Product Day: ChatGTP and LLMs – One year later